Our company is a family business starting as Ozgaz Tup Dagitim Company in 1975. First having Yorukoglu Gas Station in 1985 we then had the second Gas Station named Kucukler in 1993. After 1993 we moved on by gathering our company under Kucukler Uluslararasi Nakliyat Akaryakit Otomotiv A.S. Between 1995-2000 we improved our company and continued in transport sector. In 2001 we established Altes Mineral Oil (ALTES Kimya Otomotiv Petrol Nakliyat ve Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.) which is one of the important brands in the region. In 2009 we bought TOROS Mineral Oil by session and continued with New Toros Mineral Oil (Yeni Toros Attariye Izalosyon Madeni Yag Otom. Petrol Urunleri Ltd. Sti.). In 2011 we made progress in plastic sector by buying Adayplas Plastic Factory of Adayplast in Izmir. As of 2011 we have 2 gas stations, 2 mineral oil and plastic factory with about 50 staff.

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